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Water Reflection in Photoshop Print E-mail

water reflection header




Water reflection effect is a very cool and easy achievable Photoshop trick you would learn from this tutorial. The way to do it is to create a wavy reflection image that imitates water distortion. This tutorial was made using Photoshop CS5.



1) Start with opening an image where you want to add the water reflection effect


water reflection 01


2) Select the Rectangular Marque Tool from the left menu


water reflection 02


3) Mark the part of the image that you want to be reflected (see the image below)

Press Ctrl + J to create a new layer from your selection


water reflection 03


4) Hit Ctrl + T to open the free transform mode

In the top bar that just appeared, change the vertical value to -100% (see image)


water reflection 04 


5) Hit Enter to confirm changes

Hit Ctrl + D to deselect you selection

Hit V to select the Selection Tool and move the new layer precisely to the bottom of the original image so they can touch each other (see image below)


water reflection 05


6) Next step is to create a new layer

Hit D and then X to change the foreground colour to be white

Hit Alt + Delete to completely fill the new layer with white colour


water reflection 06


7) Select Filter > Sketch from the top menu and then Halftone Pattern

A window will appear, so change the Size = 7, Contrast = 50 and also choose Line as a Pattern Type

Hit OK


water reflection 07


8) Select Filter > Blur from the top menu and then Gaussian Blur

Change Radius to 4 pixels and hit OK


water reflection 08


9) Select Layer from the top menu and then Duplicate Layer

Select Document: New and provide a name to be Lines

Hit OK


water reflection 09


10) In this step we save the document that will be needed to make the reflection look wavy. Hit together SHIFT + CTRL + S


water reflection 10


11) Please go back to your original document file and get rid of the lines layer by deleting it (see image below)

water reflection 11


12) Hit together Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E to create a new layer having all existing layers merged

Make sure you end up with layers order like on the image below

water reflection 12


13) Select Filter > Distort from the top menu and then Displace

A window will appear, so change Horizontal Scale = 4 and Vertical Scale = 0

Check Stretch To Fit and Repeat Edge Pixels and hit OK.  A new window will appear so select the document file we saved in the step 10 called Lines.psd

water reflection 13


14) Your image is now wavy

water reflection 14


15) Select Rectangular Marque Tool from the left menu. Mark a selection to exactly where the reflection starts (see image below)

Hit Delete to get rid of the selection

water reflection 15


16) Thanks for following this water reflection tutorial!

water reflection 16



Author: TheDude

Website: tutorial




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