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Replacing sky in a Photoshop finds its applications in situations where our pictures taken in a cloudy weather look dull and greyish. When our sky looks as bad as we don't want to keep the picture, don't panic and try to replace it with nice and colourful blue sky. This tutorial has been made in Photoshop CS5.


We will use a blue sky photo and a scene photo.



1) Start with downloading the blue sky photo (linkable above) and open it in Photoshop


replace sky 01


2) Download the scene photo (linkable above). Place the image on the canvas. Go to File > Place and select the picture


replace sky 02


3) Adjust the size of the scene photo so the blue sky photo seats ideally underneath it, and hit Enter when ready

Tip: In my case both images have the same dimensions (to make it easy for you), so you don't need to resize them, but if you wish to use different photos, then you might need to resize them


replace sky 03


4) Select the scene photo and from the top menu go Layer > Rasterize > Layer

Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl + J

Click the eye thumbnail (as shown below) to hide the layer at the top


replace sky 04 


5) Choose Selection Tool from the tools menu on the left and select the bottom layer (see image below)


replace sky 05


6) Choose Lasso Tool from the tools menu on the left


replace sky 06


7) Carefully mark the sky and also select a bit inside of the building edge (see image below)

From the top menu go Select > Inverse


replace sky 07


8) Select Add layer mask button


replace sky 08


9) You now see the blue sky appearing


replace sky 09


10) Change the upper layer to be visible and select it


replace sky 10


11) From the top menu go Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options

In the Blending Options window select Blend If: Blue from the little drop-down menu


replace sky 11


12) Drag the This Layer slider to the left (see image below)

replace sky 12


13) The whole composition is getting better, the objects that were hidden are visible now

replace sky 13


14) Next step is to hold Alt key, click on the slider to split it, and drag the 2nd part of the slider to the right (see image below)


Tip: Do not copy me in 100% and try to be creative by dragging the values by your own to see what results suit you

replace sky 14


15) Once you are satisfied with the results... voil√†. Use this quick and easy technique to replace any sky you wish!

replace sky 15



Author: mat

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