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Hair Transplant in Photoshop Print E-mail


hair transplant header




This tutorial is not exclusively written for guys that are bald. Not at all. It is to teach you how to use some basic functions using Photoshop and how to use your imagination to make photos different. In this tutorial we will try to transplant one's man hair to another man's head. You will also learn how to effectively use the Magnetic Lasso Tool and much more. Enjoy!

We will use photos of Patrick Steward and William Shatner in this tutorial (I hope we will not upset them for that).





1) Let start with a picture of a man with hair... Please select Rectangular Marquee Tool from the tools menu


hair transplant 01


2) Carefully select all of the hair area (see image below) and, once done, copy the selected area (Ctrl + C)


hair transplant 02


3) Next, change to the picture with a bald man and paste the hair from the clipboard onto canvas (Ctrl + V)


hair transplant 03


4) Next, hit Ctrl + T and carefully adjust the position of the hair onto the head (see image below). Hit Enter once you are happy with the position

Tip: To scale the hair properly make use of the little squares that are in each corner of the pasted hair and slowly adjust its size


hair transplant 04 


5) Choose the Magnetic Lasso Tool from the tools menu (see image below)


hair transplant 05


6) Select only the hair area (see image below)


hair transplant 06


7) Once you are satisfied, select the whole hair area


hair transplant 07


8) In the menu at the top there is a tab Select. Click on it and then choose Inverse option from the drop-down list


hair transplant 08


9) A small window will appear where you are able to adjust the settings. Change setting to: Smooth = 2 and Feather = 1.0 px


Tip: Previous versions of Photoshop do not have this window appearing, so if it's the case, skip this step


hair transplant 09


10) Next step is to hit the Delete key which will remove all pixels except your hair. Hit  Ctrl + D to deselect the selection


hair transplant 10


11) Choose the Eraser Tool from the tools menu on the left (see image below)


hair transplant 11


12) And select the same brush as you can see on the image below. Note that the size and hardness must be appropriate in order to make the hair looking smooth


hair transplant 12


13) Start removing the areas that cause imperfections


hair transplant 13


14) Select Image, Adjustments from the top menu and choose Hue/Saturation... Check the Colorize option and adjust the settings to get the shade of colour of your choice. Click OK once completed


hair transplant 14


15) Here is the final result. Thank you!

hair transplant 15



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