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Creating a first web page is a very exiting discovery for everybody. You have been waiting for this moment for long, but you did not exactly know how to perform such task. This Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial is probably one of the easiest ways to create your first web page. Please follow these simple 11 steps and in few minutes your first website will be completed!



1) Lunch Adobe Dreamweaver CS5


first web page 01


2) From the menu tab select Site and then select New Site from the drop-down menu


first web page 02


3) In the name field enter a name of your site and select a folder where your site is going to be saved (your computer's folder)


first web page 03


4) Click on Advanced Settings and then select Local Info


first web page 04 


5) Enter the Web URL that is a URL of your web site and select Save


first web page 05


6) Your site, name and folder path can be seen under the thumbnail FILES. Press F8 if you cannot see this


first web page 06


7) Right click on the site name and select New File


first web page 07


8) Rename the file by entering "index.html" (as seen on the picture below)


first web page 08


9) Next step is to double click the index.html and you are able to edit your first web page code!


Please enter some text of your choice between tags <body> and </body> (as seen on picture below)


first web page 09


10) Next step is to save your web page from the File menu (CTRL + S)


first web page 10


11) Your first web site is done now!


You can test it by pressing F12 on your keyboard and the website will open in your browser


first web page 11



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