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Face Retouching in Photoshop Print E-mail


final artwork


When it comes to face retouching, the first step to success is to remove all imperfections that appear on the skin. The second step is to resize a part of the face (i.e. nose or chin) to give our subject thinner/thicker appearance. In this tutorial we will cover blemishes removal and chin & jaw reduction. Please note, we cannot just make the image too much retouched that it will look so obvious, and so we need to remember to maintain the original skin texture as much as possible.

We will use a photo of a woman in this tutorial (the picture has been obtained from website as royalty free).


tutorial image 1



1) Open the picture and zoom in on the area we see some skin imperfections. Get the Healing Brush tool from the Toolbox as shown below.

Tip: Select the Zoom tool and draw a rectangle to zoom in to the area you want


tutorial image 2


2) Move your cursor over the area of skin that is similar to the area surrounding our blemish, press and hold the Alt (Mac: Option) key and single click to get a sample of that area.

Tip: You can sample from different areas of the face, but make sure to choose similar texture of the skin

tutorial image 3

3) Now, move the Healing Brush over the blemish we want to correct and single click.


tutorial image 4

Tip: To achieve best results use a brush settings correctly (shown below). Make the size of a brush just a little bit bigger than the size of the blemish and set the hardness of a brush to fairly soft


tutorial image 5

4) Final result without blemishes:


tutorial image 6


5) Staying with the same picture select the Lasso tool and draw a selection around the chin and jaw, up to the nose (as shown below).

Tip: Do not apply any feather to the pixel selection as this is not needed


tutorial image 7


6) From the toolbar menu choose Filter, then Distort from the drop-down menu and then Pinch. Set the Amount to 15% and click OK.

Tip: To accurately set the amount of the Pinch filter look at the preview window to see effects.


tutorial image 8


7) Final result before and after:


tutorial image 9




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