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What is sitemap for? Print E-mail
Friday, 24 April 2015 12:08


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When it comes to a design and development of a website, web designers and webmasters often fail to take sitemaps into account. Many webmasters do not use them at all. Generally speaking, sitemaps are useful for our websites; they help get our pages indexed quicker and provide better navigation experience. However, sitemaps can be used for a variety of purposes and all of them will surely suit you at some point. Please read some important aspects of using sitemaps for your website.



1) Better navigation
A sitemap works as a map. In case when your visitors surf through your site and get lost somewhere in the sea of hundreds of pages, sitemap comes in handy as it can be referred to at any time. Visitors can find out where they are and what your website is about. Easy access to any page of your website through sitemap can be found helpful for many internet users.



2) Sitemap is a summary of a website
When you open up a sitemap that is available on a particular website, you can quickly get an idea what this site is about without a need of looking and reading through all pages. It saves time for many people, who do go to a sitemap and navigate to pages they are interested about with one single click. Again, sitemap serves a great purpose as it lists all pages in a hierarchical way to make its usability really easy.



3) SEO
A process of creating a sitemap has another great thing and as a result you end up with a one-page list of links that link to all pages within your website. Now, as far as you probably know search engine crawlers crawl every web page that is available on the internet and when it comes to your website crawler will check your page containing a sitemap and follow all links that are available. What happens next is that every single page within your website gets indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Do not forget about one more important aspect which is putting your sitemap at an easy accessible place of your website, ideally on the home page. This guarantees a crawler does not miss it.



sitemap chart


4) Organisation and structure
A sitemap allows you to have a complete view of your website structure and that is a good thing. Imagine you want to add a new page and you have got already hundreds of pages, so what you are going to achieve by using a sitemap is the comfort of having everything listed in a hierarchical way, so you will not lose yourself and also you will minimise a chance of putting a new page into a wrong category or section. Sitemap is like an index that we always can refer to. As a result, you will have an ideally organized and structured website where everything is sorted according its relevance.




As you can see there are many healthy reasons why would you consider having a sitemap on your website. Furthermore, even you don’t find it really useful at present as your website contains only few pages, try not to forget one if you plan to expand it in the future. Especially for big size websites sitemaps are extremely useful as they are here to get any website organized.


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