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Thursday, 27 December 2012 07:37


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Why is such hype created about social media?  We all know it has been a decade since it has been around but what is so big about it?  Though many surveys and researches have been made over it, but simple analysis can let you know a lot of facts too.  Let’s take a look at the reason why people actually join social media.  At first, social networks were just a platform through which people used to communicate with one another as it was a cheap source that didn’t involve any money. But now if we take a look at these networks then they are nothing more than a place to gossip.  Their initial followers were college kids and tweens. Social life is everything to them. Being on social media to them is like hanging with their friends all day long.

Today everyone starting from the age of a kid to an old person is available on social media. That’s when the companies have started to create social media presence so as to target customers from all over the world. You have to work very tactfully for expanding your business over the network and for that you will have to make sure that you do not commit social media mistakes.


Here are the lists of the mistakes that must be avoided in the struggle to hit the most likes and target more and more potential customers.


•    It is truly natural that you will have to face negativity everywhere. Therefore, if you get a negative comment, be as clam as you can. Though you will get much tempted to break that person’s face but let your faithful users do that for you.  Don’t get engaged in a words war.


•    Don’t tweet or use Facebook for linking people to your blog or other accomplishments.  People don’t like to hear how much good you are.  Your aim should be to include such posts that could value your conversation.  You should only listen and contribute only when you have something really impressive to blog - The common Social media mistakes to avoid article


•    Getting more and more followers is a good thing but what will be the use of such followers with whom you don’t have any connection? Quality is always better than quantity.  Gather those followers who actually interact with you. Quality will be needed in your posts.  


•    When you are working on social media, you should never ask your followers to retweet or share stuff.  Who likes to be told to do things?  If you will keep on bugging people then they will get frustrated. Let them spread the word themselves. That will be much more fruitful.


•    It is not necessary that you sign up with all the social media networking tools. If you do so then you will never be able to connect with anyone.  Its better you choose only 3-4 of them that are actually effective.  Dip your toe in one pool rather than hundreds of pools.


If you avoid the above mentioned mistakes, then you can certainly start getting quality followers who will make you earn large amount of revenue in the long run.


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