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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 16:43


Design blog - Social media from teens to aged users facts and stats article

Initially, when social media started it was mainly considered as something related to teenagers. MySpace was famous in youngsters as they kept on using the social media most of the day. With the passage of time, new social sites were introduced, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. The captivating features and variety of online users had attracted the aged users to use this medium for business. In short, that is how social media has grown to its monumental stage.



Facebook was launched and it brought visible changes. The Twitter was an ambiguous networking site due to 140 character length to give your viewpoint. Many questions were aroused in the mind of users. What they had to post? Should every user be followed? Could I tell my daily activities on Twitter? People were sure of something different but they could not guess properly. As a new trend, some businesses, marketers and bloggers joined the new social circles. In reality, the life time of social networking sites was started in 2008. In 2013, Facebook has become the most extensively used medium throughout the world. Instagram was purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars. Similarly, the Twitter is getting more attention and has developed a mobile version for short video clips, known as Pinterest. Now, social media is a platform to advertise products, brands and services.


The facts and stats of Social Media:

The active Facebook users are 1.15 billion. The Facebook mobile version has increased its utility. The 41 percent of Facebook revenue generates through mobile users. Facebook has more than 10 million apps for users.

The active monthly Twitter users are above 288 million. The registered members are above 500 million but half of them are not active members. The rapidly growing demographic of Twitter is 55 to 64 years old. Twitter has used the new advertisement policy to increase the revenue. It is believed that this site will earn one billion dollars income in 2014.

Social Media InfographicsGoogle+
Within a short time span, Google+ has touched the second rank among social networking sites. Google Plus has more than 343 million online users. It is remarkable that the +1 button is pressed almost 5 billion times per day. Google Plus has more male users than female. The ratio is 67:33. However, people are still anxious to know the ways how to use this platform?

LinkedIn is the currently emerging social media which has gained 238 million active users. The LinkedIn company pages are over three million.


It is the monster of interesting online videos which has more than one million new users each month. The online movies, drama, funny clips and informative videos are available.

It is owned by Facebook and commonly used for mobile online users. It has crossed the 130 million digits. The Instagram has over 17 billion uploaded images.

It has above 70 million users. It is an emerging social network. The hot topic of Pinterest is Food which is chatted by about 57 percent members.

It is owned by Twitter. It is designed to create and share 6 seconds videos for mobile users. The vine has above 40 million mobile users.



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