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Search Engine Optimization hype or reality? Print E-mail
Friday, 23 January 2015 10:07


Search Engine Optimization hype or reality articleIt is proved through a research that more than 88,000,000,000 searches are carried out on Google within a month. More than 50 percent of online users get what they look for on a daily basis. You have observed how extensive the use of Google is. This topic is really helpful for online businessmen. We cannot ignore the rules and regulation of this widely used search engine to promote our online business. There are set rules which select a website to elevate the highest rank while search. It puts significant effects on the traffic and marketing values. Though SEO topics are considered boring and uninteresting but I would like to deliver the information in a friendly and easy to go method. Let us have a look whether search engine optimization is a hype or reality?


I start my point by giving an example. Just think about a well organized and highly informative website which has the most relevant material. When you make a search, Google gives you the link of websites which have proper use of keywords. What will be the issue if the best website gets position on page 5? Definitely, you will check the result on the first page and ignore the other links. I highly recommend using best SEO sites for your business promotion. Here I would like to prove my point with a research I have done which shows that:


•    Almost 25% online users check the 2nd page
•    Near about 9% people give value to the 2nd page links
•    Normally all the users try to search with a new keyword in spite of checking the next pages
•    50% customers buy from online brands, searched out through Google
•    70% online users get to know about new brands through online search



The search engines are used to find out the relevant data, websites and products. In case your website cannot get the position on the first search page, it means it is lifeless and unfit to advertise your business. Neither it can generate traffic nor can it enhance the marketing value of your brand. The SEO is the biggest reality of today’s world which cannot be overlooked. You have invested a great amount on your business, creating websites and online promotion. Always take notice of important keywords and their density. The most SEO friendly material is awarded the highest rank. Let the world know about your brand by availing the exceptional SEO techniques.


The facts and figures demonstrate that online visitors use specific words to become aware of new websites, content, and products. Moreover, the users have made up their mind that SEO rank provides the excellent websites to check. The top rank builds the confidence and credibility in visitors to rely on your brand. Unluckily, if a website is missing from the first page, the users will not pay attention to it. Always remember that online visibility is one and only proof of a well-reputed website.



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