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Is Social Media becoming more important than SEO? Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 May 2014 22:02


Is Social Media becoming more important than SEO article

Gone are the days when print media and electronic media were two basic modes of advertisement. The online platform is more affordable, effective and resourceful. The internet business relies on SEO skills to market a product. It is amazing that the use of Social Media has surprised people. Is Social Media becoming more important than SEO? In order to find out the answer, I have given different aspects of the two mediums to categorize their roles.

What is SEO?
Basically SEO describes the strategic tools which are used to attract people to a certain website. It assists in giving top rank on different search engines and improves the online visibility. The center of attention of SEO is the relevant use of keywords. The websites having high quality and right density of keywords is considered the top ranked websites. It is successful in growing the online business.

The Significant Role of Social Media
Social Media belongs to social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs or Pinterest. It is a platform to get the right audience by improving social marketing skills. It does not only generate new customers but also increases the productivity. It is true that social media is a powerful stand for individuals and companies. People think that it will get the place of SEO. Apparently, SEO and social media have the same functions but they are managed in a totally different  way. The Social Media is a speedy way to get recognition. The attractive ways are used to get the attention of visitors. The social sites have developed to fulfill marketing needs. When you search a product or service, your first preference will be to select a company with maximum likes. The number of followers or likes determines the strength of a product. The social network is getting dominant day by day. Social media requires the engagement of people and active participation. More visitors will give confidence to purchasers and increase the traffic as well. Consequently, the search engines will prefer such sites to achieve the top most rank.

One more logical point to illustrate the historical change is concerned with Google’s Hummingbird. It is a new concept and a clear-cut algorithm modification for giving ranks to websites. The Google calculates the social sharing power of a website on social media. Now it is essential to upload relevant, reliable and shareable content online. The web page will get the top position if its content is highly shared by online users. It may happen in the upcoming days that Social Media will take the place of SEO. Truly speaking, we cannot ignore the job of SEO in the current situation. The Google is the policy making search engine and the online business has to follow the set rules. If Google will prefer the Social Media more than SEO, then online companies and websites will have to handle their content accordingly.



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