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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 13:28


design blog - How famous products did their branding article

Everyday we learn something interesting, funny or educational in our life. The electronic and social media give reference to famous and upcoming brands many times in a day. But do you have some idea how famous products did their branding? Most of the brand name does not describe the product in a direct way because name is just the nomenclature of the product. Thirty percent of the current most captivating brands were introduced before 1900. The brands with stronger corporate images can improve the stock rate up to 7 percent. Check out the historical background and know the interesting truth behind popular brands.



The Apple brand name has a funny history. The Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were in a meeting with their staff to think a name for a computer company. Job was in frustrated mood and warned his staff that if they could not search out a name till 5 pm, he would call it Apple. They had to face a legal case in London as Apple was the name of a music band. They paid fine and missed the lawsuit in the USA. Consequently, Apple had to pay 54 million dollars for keeping Apple as their brand name.


Sony is a Japanese company but the word is taken from Latin and English languages. Sonnus (Latin) means sound and Sonny (English) means my little boy.


It is the deviation of mathematical term known as “googol” which means a very big number.


The software had given different names. The first name was Green, then it was called Oak. At the end, Kim Polese gave it a name Java. As you may already know Java is an island of Indonesia.


There are many views but the most influential is related to East Bay Connotations. Even the color of the logo was just like East Bay Transit Authority for years.


you must be kidding meSkype
The initial name was Sky-peer, changed into Skyper and at the end Skype.


It is originated from the Motor and Vitrola as they designed car radios originally.


It is the abbreviation of xerography.


It is an evolutionary name taken from Phil Knight. Many names were placed and it was taken out of the cap. An employee got up late at night and shouted that name should be Nike. It is a Greek word which means victory.


It is the combination of two words which mean sun & stand. In other words, we can say it as “land of the rising sun”.


The BMW is the initials of Bayerishe Motoren Werke.


Coca Cola
The Coca is taken from “Cocoa leaves” and Cola from “Kola nuts”. In order to give an appealing look to the brand name the letter K was changed into C.


Nobel Prize
It is named after the name of scientist Alfred E Nobel. He invented the dynamite.


Internet Explorer
Microsoft selected the name without any check. It was their bad luck as the name was already registered by a company SyNET. They had to give 4.8 million dollars as fine.


The potato crisps company got disappointed as they were unable to select an attractive name for their brand. In a phone book they found the name Pringle Street or Mr. Pringel. Now, it is the most popular and expensive brand of potato crisps.



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