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Effects of photo editing and retouching Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 August 2015 10:15


design blog - Wonders of photo editing and retouching article

With the development in technology, you have now managed to capture digital images too.  Photographers certainly have been greatly benefited by technological changes because they can now make changes in the photos that they have already taken.  Photography is a special kind of art that revolves around creativity, vision and skills.

Not just photographers, ordinary computer users can also make use of photo editing and retouching to create a master piece.  With software such as Lightroom and Photoshop, even a user who knows nothing about these tools can remove a blemish or wrinkles from the picture.  With just improvement in the brightness, contrast and shades, a picture can become as good as new. Even apps have been created that support photo editing and retouching with just a few touches and clicks. No special training is required for making changes and everything gets to be perfect.  There are certain effects that are found in all softwares with which easy editing can be done. These include sepia, spot light, blurring effects, night shot effects etc.  The type of camera that you have used to take picture also counts in some cases.  If the resolution of the picture will be high, then editing will be easier and results will also be accurate.

Even the photos of celebs and models are created with photo editing and retouching.  They are made perfect and glamorous with technology.  The print ads, magazine covers and billboards are also created with photo editing and retouching. All pictures can never be perfect. Natural imperfections such as facial lines, hair, body fats etc can be made just about perfect with editing and retouching.  The liquefy tool in Photoshop can make a person lose weight in the picture. Another popular way to make modifications in the photo is to use airbrushing.  Lips can be given a shine, eyebrows can be darkened and the eye bags can also be removed with photo editing and retouching. There can be no other way to freshen up an imperfect photo than editing it.

Now you will be wondering whether the celebs and models are actually so glamorous or it’s just the outcomes of editing. There are some who look just about okay without makeup but with a little editing they sure can look much more beautiful.

Photo editing and retouching is not just a wonder for common users, but it is really useful in advertising too. Photo editing and retouching companies like Hypernova Design can remove the imperfections in the looks and make the picture as perfect as it can be.  Though this a great blessing for many but it has influenced the importance of good photography.  Now photographers will not work with the same enthusiasm as before as they will know that they have the editing tools to make corrections.  This can and it has to some extent damaged the real essence of photography.  There are such people too who are losing interest in learning photography skills. However, this was not the goal of photo editing and retouching. But nevertheless, this technology sure has helped many.


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