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Saturday, 29 September 2012 12:09


design blog - easy 3d article3D animation or computer animation is a medium that provides the illusion of movement using a sequence of still images generated from three-dimensional data ( Unlike in 2D, 3D has depth.

Some people easily get discourage in 3D animating once they see the software or the program that is being use. That is because there are a lot of different tools and settings but I will tell you it’s not that hard at all.





Let me show you the software I use. It’s Blender 2.6, a free software.


easy 3d article - shot from Blender


First  impression? Woooooh!



Even I at first got discouraged seeing all this and that but when I got to watch some tutorials I realized you don’t have to memorize everything that is inside that software. All you have to do is know all the basics in 3D animating like manipulating and inserting your mesh and get use to navigating in the viewport (Mesh is the object that you model in whatever you want it to look like. And you do that in the viewport, your view in the 3D space).

Once you learn the basics everything will be easier for you like adding computer simulations or physical phenomena. You may not have stunning or maybe realistic 3D animations at first but you will if you just continue learning more.


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Author: Macky Dela Cruz

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