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20 hottest web design tends in 2014 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 09:30


20 hottest web design tends in 2014 article

Our culture and prospect is always reflected by designs. If we talk about web designing, there are a variety of ideas and techniques to deliver a message successfully to the audience through web design. Here, I am going to share the 20 hottest web design trends in 2014.



1. Responsive Layouts
It is just like a consistent web design to execute the codes flawlessly on all devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and laptops.

2. Retina Support
The Retina devices are highly admired by users for website layouts. The idea was used by Apple Company in iPhone 4. Now, we can find Macbooks and iPads with the same technology. It is unable to find out the CSS image background but known as the handiest source for coding in media query.

3. Permanent Header Bars
It provides an unchanging support to navigate a web page and return to the main page. Permanent or fixed heads are used on blogs, social networking sites and design studios.

4. Large Photo Backgrounds
I have viewed that this design is usually liked by photographers. By using this awesome technique, you can promote online marketing.

5. CSS Transparency
It permits to utilize opacity features on web pages. Without photographs, you are eligible to produce transparency in current web browsers. I give value to color syntax attributes as it is expected to be used in upcoming years.

6. Minimalist Landing Pages
In order to develop a landing page, you have to imprison latest leads for your online services or brand. Such type of web designs has easy to understand text format with a single click process to get a view.

7. Digital QR Codes
The Smartphones have increased the value of QR codes. These codes are interpreted from UPC old barcodes. The Vehicles sale groups, restaurants and event venue use such tags. You may be surprised that new web designs have used these codes for websites as well.

Web design trends infographics 20148. Social Media Badges
A lot of websites are blowing up viral advertisement and social media services. Social communities have used badges to pin out the important stuff on the layout. If you are running a blog, my suggestion is to introduce media badge to share the articles and content speedily on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

9. Detailed Illustration
It is used to show the variety of moods on a website.

10. Indefinite scrolling
It helps in finding out interesting information by just scrolling down the posts.

11. Homepage Feature Tours
The web brands have the demo and sliding image videos. If you want to show something in a different ways, check this style.

12. Sliding Webpage Panels
It is included in 20 hottest web design trends in 2014 with dynamic awesome effects. I expect you will love the sliding technique.

13. Mobile Navigation Toggle
You have designed a website; it will be your priority to provide your viewers an access to links and ideas. It is the best example of solid navigation.

14. Full screen Typography
It offers great text with distinctive font styles to enhance the jumbo sized photography.

15. API &Open Source
The best feature of this web design is to offer plugins for download without restriction. If you have created a website, get an advantage by using animation, prototype layouts and attractive effects on your page.

16. Deep Box Shadows
The upgraded version of these web designs has given new possibilities to generate community designs in a creative ways.

17. CSS3 Animations
The designers can enjoy animated amazing effects with special CSS features on their pages.

18. Vertical Navigation
It is proficient in design taste and I suggest the novice designers to use it.

19. Single Page Design
The single page websites get blurred background and horizontal containers for content to magnetize the visitors.

20. Circular Design Elements
It is one of the 20 hottest web design trends in 2014 with clean and easy to fit circles.



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